aligning OUR EXPERTISE to your vision  

Recognized talent, experience, and know-how are focused on transforming project opportunities into a successful delivery through strategic alignment between our technical partners and our clients. We guarantee rigorous, effective, and comprehensive business assessment for each of these opportunities based on the exceptional track record of our partners and senior consultants, ensuring risk management excellence.

We understand that every project is unique. That is why our team is committed to listening and understanding each client's vision, adapting and aligning our solution to fit the vision. We dedicate all our efforts to master every aspect of a project from a global perspective, controlling risk and ensuring client satisfaction from the first meeting until final delivery of our assignment. This is our philosophy, this is our commitment.

Sustainability and community empowerment

Often overlooked, the environment and the local community are key to every successful project. From evaluating the global lifecycle of a project or its carbon footprint, EFFICA vitalizes the local community with empowering initiatives. Our consulting team can optimize your efforts to leave a permanent legacy for future generations.

Investment consultancy

Acting on behalf of international companies and investors, we have the capability to equip clients with direct access to financial, regulatory, technical, and business data that are vital in sourcing and managing profitable projects worldwide. Our main areas of expertise are project evaluation, prefeasibility and feasibility studies, fund sourcing and project procurement, equity investment, and project financing consultancy.

Procurement and engineering contracting

EFFICA represents dynamic engineering and contracting company leaders worldwide with a proven track record to provide a complete project solution to each client. We have the capability to become involved in engineering and design, procurement, construction, commissioning, retrofit, and financing of projects in most engineering disciplines with a proven high achievement in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Project management and communication solutions

Through our partners, we offer enterprise project, portfolio, and risk management solutions built around Primavera Suite applications and customized software developed in-house or with IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and others, supported by more than 700 employees with offices in 25 countries. From training, software implementation, and insourcing to PMO setup and technical support, we are dedicated to executing projects on time and on budget, with full awareness of any potential dispute and claims risks.

Project management support services

Our commitment is dedicated, flexible manpower with immediate mobilization capability, covering all disciplines and stages of the project cycle. We assist our clients with unparalleled global reach to find and retain the best talent in the market through highly targeted advertising and global candidate search assignments.

Business assessment and risk analysis

Due to the project’s complexity and vulnerability to a wide variety of risks, it has become part of our operational practice to conduct business and risk assessments. As for examples, concerns for risk include: workers and local community safety, high commodity prices, power consumption, changing regulations, supply chain, contractor and technological reliability, environmental hazards, and so on. Fortunately, many risks can be properly assessed and effectively prevented. Our consulting team has all the appropriate tools and international experience to assist you effectively.